Our Services


Our Motivation is your success, and driving you towards your goals is what we do best. We don’t simply walk you around telling you what to do, we work with you, explain the what, why and how of exercise prescription and programming. Combined with a balanced nutritional intake, common sense, commitment and dedication, we work together as a team to ensure your achievements and an ongoing transfer of information and knowledge to best prepare you to be able to continue on your own.

We look forward to working with you towards the achievement of your personal health and fitness goals and objectives.

Our Services

Fitness Force Gym is well equipped for all purposes and has the solution to all your fitness needs.

Our 3 main services are

1) Fitness Training
2) Medical Conditions and Special Population Exercise
3) Seminars and Gym consultancy

Fitness Training

1) Healthy Weight/Fat Loss – Lose weight/ fat quickly and safely while gaining lean muscle mass to heighten metabolism. It is a known fact that gaining lean muscles is the best and most sustainable way of losing fats.

2) To look good – Cut down fats & firm up muscles! A person always look better when they wear their clothes over a body that has firm and lean muscles. What obviously, they will certainly look better than someone who doesn’t train in their swimwear right.

3) Sports Performance – Improve the physical components of fitness (body composition, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility) and performance components of fitness (power, speed & quickness, agility, balance, coordination) with our strength and conditioning program.

4) Pre-Army weight Loss and fitness conditioning – Get your child’s fitness level up and also lose weight to avoid being classified as an obese soldier. An obese soldier serves a longer Basic Military Training of up to 5 months. And if your child is is leading a sedentary lifestyle or one that just faces the computer, time to get them do some exercise.

Chronic and medical conditions coaching

With the alliance specialist of our sister company – Singapore Medical Fitness Management, Fitness Force Gym can provide remedies to bridge the gulf between medicine and fitness and to deal with the many medical problems and special population groups created by the Anti-Lifestyle (habits consisting of: poor fitness, poor nutrition, stress, lack of rest, smoking, and drugs).

On most occasion, when you seek medical help from your General Practitioner Medical Doctor, they would advice you to exercise, and they are so right to do so. But do they have the time and expertise to help you with an exercise regime, to ensure that you are doing it right and not get worst by exercising too much, the answer is NO ! Not that they don’t want, but they simply cant because it it is not their profession to see you through that and it will take time to do it, we however, can help you and your doctor, ensure that you work out properly towards a progressive recovery and health maintenance.

We have exercise prescription and nutrition advices for most Chronic Illnesses Patients and Special Population:

1. Arthritis
2. Asthma
3. Back Pain / Knee Pains
4. Diabetes
5. High Blood Pressures
6. Osteoporosis
7. Obesity / Overweight
8. Per/Post Pregnancy
8. Seniors Training
9. Etc.

Health and Fitness Talks / Gym Consultancy

We managed gyms and do fitness seminars tailored to our clients wishes:

We do medical fitness talks, bodybuilding courses, trainers certifications, and health talks